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Manufacturing Certifiers


Local manufacturer Inspecting organisation (IO)

A local manufacturer inspecting organisation (IO) cannot independently use the certification but provides the infrastructure to allow a local manufacturer vehicle inspector (VI) to certify vehicle components from manufacture through to installation. An IO or VI obtains the design and a S.O.D.C from an engineer IO/VI or, where allowed, uses standards or pre-approved designs. The IO is responsible for the inspection/certification outcome and must at all times provide and maintain sufficient equipment and systems to support the tasks undertaken by manufacturer inspectors (VI) in their employ. Both the IO and VI must have the appropriate categories for the work they intend to certify

Local manufacturer vehicle inspector (VI)

A local manufacturer (VI) trained and assessed by the Truck-Trailer Manufacturers Federation (TTMF) and once appointed by the Transport Agency may certify the manufacture and installation of components using an S.O.D.C or, where appropriate, standards or pre-approved designs for the aspects that they hold the appropriate categories for. A local manufacturer vehicle inspector (VI) may only sign the LT400 if they are in the employ of a local manufacturer inspecting organisation (IO) and they both hold the categories that are appropriate to the task.

The Manufacturer & Repair Code of practice was developed by TTMF to provide for low risk repairs and manufacturing that would not require a S.O.D.C. In December 2019 those repairs/replacements were incorporated into the VIRM

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